SpikeGPU  1.0.0
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spike::Options Struct Reference

Input solver options. More...

#include <solver.h>

Public Member Functions

 Options ()

Public Attributes

KrylovSolverType solverType
int maxNumIterations
double tolerance
bool performReorder
bool performMC64
bool applyScaling
int maxBandwidth
double dropOffFraction
FactorizationMethod factMethod
PreconditionerType precondType
bool safeFactorization
bool variableBandwidth
bool singleComponent
bool trackReordering

Detailed Description

Input solver options.

This structure encapsulates all solver options and specifies the methods and parameters used in the iterative solver and the preconditioner.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

spike::Options::Options ( )

This is the constructor for the Options class. It sets default values for all options.

Member Data Documentation

bool spike::Options::applyScaling

Apply MC64 scaling? default: true

double spike::Options::dropOffFraction

Maximum fraction of the element-wise matrix 1-norm that can be dropped-off; default: 0

FactorizationMethod spike::Options::factMethod

Diagonal block factorization method; default: LU_only

int spike::Options::maxBandwidth

Maximum half-bandwidth; default: INT_MAX

int spike::Options::maxNumIterations

Maximum number of iterations; default: 100

bool spike::Options::performMC64

Perform MC64 reordering? default: true

bool spike::Options::performReorder

Perform matrix reorderings? default: true

PreconditionerType spike::Options::precondType

Preconditioner type; default: Spike

bool spike::Options::safeFactorization

Use safe factorization (diagonal boosting)? default: false

bool spike::Options::singleComponent

Disable check for disconnected components? default: false

KrylovSolverType spike::Options::solverType

Krylov method to use; default: BiCGStab2

double spike::Options::tolerance

Relative tolerance; default: 1e-6

bool spike::Options::trackReordering

Keep track of the reordering information? default: false

bool spike::Options::variableBandwidth

Allow variable partition bandwidths? default: true

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